Retro64 blog will be no longer available

Hello to all visitors.
I’d like to let you know that due to some changes on my life, I am currently no longer able to update this blog, and I cannot reply to the many requests I usually receive either. As a result, I am forced to close this blog for the moment. I am on a path on my life that requires me to be fully focused on other important things. And this blog did require a lot of time to be updated and maintained. Furthermore, this blog requires a thorough revision, but doing this is plain impossible for me at the moment. That’s also why I’ve decided to quit it.
Many thanks for all the support I have received on these three years of activity. It has been very useful and important to me. For those who don’t agree with my decision, please take into account that I am also losing the ability of getting money with adverts. But, I just cannot leave this blog alone with no revisions and updates. I just cannot accept this. I don’t care about money. We all have something more important to care about.

If the path I am currently following will ever end (but I don’t think so), I’ll be back with Retro64 blog and other activities. But for now, this is my choice.

The content I have developed so far will be still available for some months.

A big hello to all.