The C64: the new Commodore 64 by Retrogames

Following the Commodore 64 mini, The C64 is a full sized Commodore 64 that will be released in December 2019. Retrogames Ltd. is the company involved into the project.

The C64 offers a couple of big improvements over the C64 mini. With The C64 it will be possible to load games even with multiple disks and, best of all, it will feature a real full-sized keyboard.


The C64

So, this new Commodore 64 aims to gamers and to retroprogrammers as well. A full sized keyboard is indeed very good for games as well, as many games do make use of keys.

For the retroprogrammer, The C64 will offer C64 BASIC mode and VIC 20 BASIC mode. I am really looking forward to put my hands on this product, as I am quite curious to see how good VIC 20 emulation will be. The VIC 20 scene produced several demos showing off the real capabilities of an unexpanded VIC 20. If The C64 will run these demos well, then it will also be attractive enough as a VIC 20 replacement.

Maybe The C64 will bring back some interest on C64 BASIC programming. Still, I think that true C64 lovers will still make use of original machines. On the other hand, a full-sized reproduction of a Commodore 64 is much better than using an emulator on PC.

Of course, the C64 also features a Game Carousel mode featuring C64 mini titles like California Games, Paradroid and Boulder Dash, with new titles like Attack of the Mutant Camels, Hover Bovver, Iridis Alpha, and Gridrunner.

An improved Competition Pro-like joystick will be also included with The C64.

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