Thank you for your support!

Hello there. It has been a lot of time since I last wrote a post. I know, I have been very lazy lately.

I’d like to say thank you to all people that are reading my articles. OK, I am not getting famous! But still, I appreciate that visits are the same as some months ago, although no new articles have been published for a long time. And what’s more, my blog is mainly dealing with very common topics for Commodore enthusiasts, so I didn’t expect to have loyal readers.

I have optical fibre internet now, so I think I will be able to post some videos as well.

Have fun with retrocomputers!


6 Replies to “Thank you for your support!”

    1. Ciao Marco! Grazie per il messaggio! Adesso lavoro e ho meno tempo libero, però ora mi sento in forma e penso che riprenderò almeno a postare dei video. E tu come stai? Ciao! 🙂

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