Math for programming

“Math for programming” is born as I have decided to publish some content dealing with math. Having a look at some math concepts may be quite useful for programming, especially when coding with 6502/6510 assembly language. I’ve already published some articles dealing with math, but they were all accompained by programs. This section will be more focused on math theory instead, although some simple BASIC programs will be presented from time to time.

I am quite convinced that having a look at math operations, functions, and so on can be of great help for programming.

Of course, if you are following my posts but you are not that interested on math, you just do not need to read these topics, as I will always try to provide step by step explanations in my articles. But if you happen to realize that you need to have a deeper look at a math topic, than this section may be able to help you.

Currently there are no many topics, but this section will hopefully keep growing.


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